We are a small family restaurant. We provide a free and easy but very careful and detailed service. Making our visitors to feel at home. Making our visitors to feel at home.

We believe that eight tables are We like to control what’s happening at each table, no tables are added, we don’t aspire to be a huge restaurant (quantitatively speaking). just right for every diner to feel special at our home.

Yes, we are a small restaurant, but our doors and windows are wide open (in the belief that openness, opens the mind): ÁSTOR’s staff members are constantly evolving and learning, pursuing new trends in cuisine and cocktails; our grandmothers love to hear about the new flavours and presentations we discover. Foster a peaceful conversation over a fine wine listening to music. We are a Fusion food restaurant, understood as such, knowing that: tradition that smiles will not die and avant-garde that lacks respect is just a bad temper.

Let’s hope we can fulfil our intentions; let’s hope we can make you feel everything that we try to convey from our home with enormous effort and loving care every day. At ÁSTOR we are a small family in a small restaurant. This could be happening in any city in the world but it’s happening here, in the centre of Madrid, where only a few are able to celebrate it every day.

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